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Natural materials and rare fibers are part of the roots of Fougett since 1857.
The Scandinavian mentality has always been about sustainability—we have a strong history of buying less and buying better. We strongly believe in selecting rather than accumulating, slowing down the pace of consumption and respecting our planet’s resources.

We are strong believers of slow fashion – in timeless designs made of durable quality. With an edited approach and minimalist aesthetic, we are working towards building a winter wardrobe that transcends trends and transitions with ease to and from the mountains.
We are committed to working with the highest quality materials, sourced and processed in a responsible manner, adopting an ethical and mindful approach towards people and the environment. A collection of pieces that are beautiful and wearable, made in Europe, with less waste, by workers who are treated fairly.
All our fabrics are selected for their quality, innovation and sustainability.
Natural fibres, for their reduced environmental impact, are at the core of our design philosophy. Material choices have the greatest impact, which is why the fine fibres at the centre of our collections are natural, renewable and biodegradable.
Longevity has shown to be one of the most influential parameters for improving environmental impacts, we had to look back to look forward.
In the spirit of endurance, the designs blur into a continual aesthetic where each collection builds upon the next and additions are made to complement, rather than reinvent. Our goal is to be timeless whilst allowing new stories to be told.
A wardrobe that does good as well as looking it.